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CSJ is able to provide a traditionally-designed sash and case window in both UPVC and timber, catering for contemporary and traditional properties.

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Sash & case windows

Sash and Case windows, also known as Vertical Sliders, were first introduced in the 1600s and are still present today in many town and country homes. In many areas only timber replacements are acceptable by the local authority where as in some towns and cities UPVC is being accepted. Thankfully CSJ provides both options and have become experts in the field of sash and case window installations. Our timber sash and case windows are made by our master craftsmen using Red Pine or Meranti timber. When completed the frames are sprayed multiple times with a primer then a top coat using a state-of-the-art Teknos spray system. Our UPVC sash and case windows are manufactured by one of our partner companies using an energy efficient PVC profile. Both timber and UPVC options are available in a variety of styles and colours and are usually combined with an energy efficient double glazed unit to provide, however where required your existing glass or single glazing can be utilised.

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Why buy our UPVC windows?

  • Our upvc windows are Grade A Energy Rated

    Our windows have been independently tested and are certified as Grade A Energy Rated. This means they provide the greatest level of energy efficiency, keeping the cold out and your home warm!

  • We offer a variety of styles and only use virgin upvc (no sun discolouration)

    There’s an abundance of opening styles you can choose from, including windows for easy cleaning and fire escape. In addition, your windows can be painted any colour of foiled in a variety of patterns such as Rosewood and Golden Oak. Our window frames are only ever made from brand new plastic pellets as opposed to recycled plastic e.g. old fridges. This means they won’t discolour in the sun!

  • All frames are Police Accredited Secured by Design

    The Secured by Design scheme is the industry standard for ensuring a product is capable of keeping your property safe and difficult to break into. All our UPVC window frames have been tested and certified as Secured by Design.

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  • We don’t take deposits or upfront payments

    The majority of our products and services require no deposits, simply pay when the work is complete.

Why buy our timber sash and case windows?

Why buy our windows

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