Room Specification

Every garden room has the following specification;

  • Concrete strip foundation to raise room off ground
  • Damp proof course (DPC) to separate room from foundation
  • Rodent proof mesh under base
  • Treated timber throughout
  • 80mm fully insulated rigid panels (including base and roof)
  • Externally cladded in your choice of material
  • Plaster boarded, AMES taped and painted internally
  • Laminate flooring and hardwood skirtings
  • Grade A Rated UPVC doors in a variety of colours
  • Technologically advanced rubber EPDM roof
  • Guttering to rear collected in a soakaway
  • Electricity connection, heating, lighting and internet (if chosen)
  • 900mm external decked veranda (if chosen)
  • A ten year insurance backed guarantee underwritten by the DGCOS!

Select the external size...

  • Your internal dimensions will be approximately 500mm (0.5m) less than your external dimensions
  • If you choose a 900mm (0.9m) veranda your external depth will increase by 900mm (0.9m)
  • All garden rooms are built on concrete foundations. If you already have this a foundation is not required.

Select the external cladding type...

  • Red Pine and Cedar timber require treatment on a yearly basis.
  • PVC requires no maintenance or treatment.

Select the style and colour of your door...

  • All doors are white internally
  • During your free survey the position of your door can be chosen.
  • Additional doors and windows can be added at this time also.

Select your electrics package...

Select your internal floor choice...

Select your internal decoration...

Enter your details to be emailed your quote...

During your free survey you can...

  • Change the specification of your garden room.
  • Add additional windows & doors.
  • Add customisations, such as a drinks bar or sound proofing.

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