The TriSeal Super Spacer Bar

Central Scotland Joinery are proud to offer Grade A Energy Rated products with the Triseal Spacer bar installed.

The TriSeal spacer bar is a non-conductive strip that sits between the two panes of glass in a window. Traditionally, this strip would be made from metal and would pass the cold from outside the house to inside, and vice versa.

As the TriSeal spacer bar is made from foam, it does not conduct heat or sound like its predecessors. Features include…

1. It is made from 100% Pre-Desiccated Structural Foam
2. It contains no metal
3. It is sealed in 3 way, making it is extremely durable
4. Allows for expansion and contraction
5. Is an Award winning True Warm Technology.

By offering our quality Grade A rated products we’ve been recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as a retailer of recommended products (Click here for more information).

More information on the TriSeal Spacer Bar

The arrival of Super Spacer TriSeal from Edgetech I.G. has been greeted with much discussion within the world of windows. The system uses flexible foam technology and provides a long lasting energy efficient solution.

In today’s world, economic and environmental concerns are paramount in most people’s minds. When it comes to construction, both household and industrial, energy efficiency is of increasing importance.

Every aspect of a window can have a considerable impact on the energy efficiency of the building in which it sits, and attention needs therefore to be paid not only to the individual components within the window, but also to the overall integration of the window system as a whole.

With TriSeal Super Spacer, Edgetech have attempted to address this very issue, bearing in mind an understanding of how window systems function and work within the structures of a building. The system is designed to have a long life, maintaining its insulating performance throughout, and to do this it is necessarily a durable product. An extensive programme of development and testing has naturally contributed to the production of this as the end result.

A variety of warm edge spacer systems are now being used to improve energy efficiency through window construction. However, many of these systems favour stainless steel as an alternative to the traditional choice of aluminium. Where TriSeal Super Spacer offers and advantage over these, is that it is a non-metal solution.

Although stainless steel systems improve energy efficiency, they will still necessarily involve some loss of heat energy due to the fact that stainless steel is metallic and is therefore a conductor. TriSeal Super Spacer eliminates this issue by using desiccated silicone foam and acrylic adhesive within a design that creates a barrier for vapour, making the system also resistant to condensation.

The foam within the system makes the structure flexible and amenable to variations in temperature and pressure, as well as equipping it with the ability to withstand the weather, and to continually adapt itself to the changes in its environment and thereby last a long time. The result is a reduction in noise of up to 2 decibels and an improvement in energy efficiency of up to 15%.

The vast range of benefits to using TriSeal Super Spacer include: a reduction in sealant stress, improvements in heat flow resistance, glass surface temperature, condensation and sound absorption.

The TriSeal Super Spacer system has been created with a wide variety of glazing projects in mind, in terms both of varieties of building and environment, offering solutions for large and small projects in both urban and rural settings.

Additionally, the system is intended to keep architects happy, since the visual impact is designed to be both visually attractive and to have as minimal as possible an impact on the sight of the window system as a whole.

Edgetech have clearly invested a huge amount of development and design expertise into the creation of TriSeal Super Spacer, and the end result certainly does seem to testify to that.